About Laura and Sarah

Invent Happiness was born out of the conversations of two longtime friends, Sarah and Laura.  We’re both introspective thinkers, constantly scheming our next life moves.  And we both believe that Happiness isn’t a state of being. It’s an action, constantly evolving, breathing, growing. It’s something you create, something you invent.  We’re inventing our own happiness, and maybe we can help you invent yours too!


We met at the University of Texas at Austin in 2006.  Then Laura met her future husband while studying abroad in Germany.  After graduation, she moved back to Houston, got married, and became the mother to 2 lovely children. Meanwhile, Sarah got engaged, then unengaged, and then ended up marrying her best friend.  She and her husband moved to Seattle in 2016.

Laura is currently a stay-at-home mom who, through bottles and temper tantrums, managed to get her Masters Degree in Operations Management.

Sarah is a freelancer, for better and for worse, who passes the days with writing and video editing.  She’s dipped her toes in many career fantasies, from UX Designer to Brewery Owner to Running Coach. But for now, she’s attempting to focus (FOCUS) on her freelance life.

We both have wonderful lives in a lot of ways, but we both have insecurities and unfulfilled dreams.  And we negotiate that constant balance between being content with what you have, and driving towards what you want.  And somewhere in that, there lies this elusive beast we call Happiness.


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