Change Your 2016 Reactions into 2017 Actions

Didn't like 2016? Focus on ACTIONS in 2017. I doubt an entire year has ever held such universal hatred as 2016.  A stressful US election year. The numerous deaths of iconic musicians and actors. Terrorist attacks in Europe and haunting images from the Syrian war zone.  There's even an entire song about how much 2016 sucked. The countdown to … Continue reading Change Your 2016 Reactions into 2017 Actions


How to Invent Happiness

"I would be happy if..." If you find yourself thinking that thought, stop. Just stop. I used to be like that too.  And sometimes I find myself falling back into the old habit.  If I just had the right job, the right relationship, the right workout regimen, the right whatever.... Guess what? If you actually got … Continue reading How to Invent Happiness