How to Invent Happiness


“I would be happy if…”

If you find yourself thinking that thought, stop. Just stop.

I used to be like that too.  And sometimes I find myself falling back into the old habit.  If I just had the right job, the right relationship, the right workout regimen, the right whatever…. Guess what? If you actually got that thing, you’d start looking for something else to make you happy.  Happiness is not something you find.  Happiness is something you create for yourself, something you invent. (There it is!)

Our goal with this blog is to show you the ways we’ve figured out how to invent happiness in our own lives, and hopefully help you create happiness in your own life!  Which bring my to my current version of my “How to Invent Happiness” Checklist, which I’ll call Sarah’s Pillars of Happiness. With these 4 pillars in place in my life, I’m happy!  I still get stressed, I still have my insecurities, I still have my desires for the future — but my happiness is solid.

Sarah’s Pillars of Happiness

  1. You surround yourself with people and things that serve your happiness.
  2. You don’t let fear control you.
  3. You are incrementally working towards goals.
  4. You allow yourself to “be happy.”

I’ll elaborate on these 4 pillars in future posts. For now, let me know your thoughts! How do you invent happiness in your life? Do you agree or disagree with my current checklist?


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